21 Types of Valuable Antiques to Look out for!

21 Types of Valuable Antiques

There are many types of antiques that are valuable. Valuable antiques are items that have an age indicated by the number of years, and not the monetary value.

These antiques make up a unique category of fine art, with their specific market appeal making them highly sought after.

The price range of these antiques may vary depending on the rarity, condition, and other factors influencing supply and demand in the market. For instance, a scarce antique will be worth more than a common one. An antique in good condition will command a high price compared to its counterpart which has physical blemishes or alterations. Below are 23 types of valuable antiques you should look out for:


A piece of furniture made of wood can be quite expensive if it is more than 100 years old.

Musical Instruments

A valuable violin, for example, may need extensive repairs of broken pieces that are beyond the skills of modern-day violin makers. This greatly impacts the value especially if it has a famous or notable history. 

Paintings and Drawings

These art forms command high prices depending on their age and the artist’s reputation. One way to determine its price is by checking how much it costs at auctions or galleries that sell similar pieces. Painting prices range from $5,000 to $70 million! 


Pieces made out of pewter give the impression that they are just like any other metal but with patina (a greenish silver sheen). Pewter tends to be brittle and is susceptible to damage from wear and age. If you find pieces, note that it may only fetch around $5 because the value of the pewter in this instance doesn’t outweigh the price of repairs.


Bullion coins are worth the most, but their price depends on the current market prices for gold or silver since they are made out of precious metals. Other old currencies can also have historical significance depending on the country where they are used which affects their monetary value. 6 . Watches & Clocks – These antiques are expensive due to their craftsmanship and functional nature, making them difficult to replace with modern watches. Note that these items require regular maintenance so they won’t lose their value.  


Knights in shining armor will make you do a double-take on this old medieval wear that can be priced anywhere from $20,000 up to million-dollar price tags! These are only sold to serious buyers though since they are considered illegal in some countries.   

Household Goods 

Not all antiques are pricey but these items may fetch you a few bucks at most if they don’t have monetary or historical significance. Some examples include Spoons and forks, teapots and wooden utensils, and bowls made out of wood or other materials.

Porcelain and Pottery

Most of these items were made in China and Japan, but the latter produces more valuable pieces since they were highly skilled artisans.

Textiles and Clothing 

Valuable clothes are hard to come by because most manufacturers make copies of famous clothing design brands to make a profit. You’ll have better luck looking for historical texts like uniforms, political shirts, etc.      


Antique firearms can fetch you up to $10 million depending on which brand it is, how many made it into circulation that are still functional, or if it has ties with popular culture. If you are lucky enough, an antique firearm could belong to a famous historical figure and can be worth $500,000 just because of that! 


Any antique musical instrument should always contain a great sound. More often than not, it has to do with the craftsmanship and materials used in its production, which could be worth thousands if it is still functional even after centuries.     

Optical Equipment 

There’s more to antique telescopes than meets the eye because back in the day they were meant to answer questions about astronomy and helped people navigate during war times. If you find an old telescope or binoculars at home, don’t throw them away! It could fetch up to $50,000 for you.

Old Typewriters 

If you are thinking of selling your old typewriter because you need the money, make sure to do your homework first. Most of them were manufactured during the 19th and early 20th century and modern typewriters are now considered antiques! 

The only problem is that companies who repair and manufacture vintage typewriters can’t keep up with demand resulting in a limited supply which results in an expensive price tag. 18. Watches – If it’s made out of gold or made by a luxury brand, then you’ll be surprised how much one antique watch could cost! A Patek Philippe wristwatch sold for $11 million at auction this year alone!

Postage Stamps 

Some old stamps from Victorian England have been known to fetch over $1 million each so it pays to check the condition of your old stamps before you determine their worth.

Maps and Atlases 

These items are extremely rare so if your ancestors collected them 100+ years ago, then it might be time for you to cash in that heirloom!  

Coins & Medals 

As long as they belong to the right country or region with historical importance then coin collecting can be very profitable. The more coins there are, the more valuable each one will be. So if you see any lying around at home, don’t just toss it away! 

Personal Letters 

If these letters were written by someone famous like John Lennon or Charles Darwin, they’ll automatically command a high price tag even if they’re not handwritten. But handwritten notes or letters that were signed by a famous person can also fetch you some serious cash!

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