What Vintage/Antique Maps, Posters, Clocks And Lighting To Buy?

Buying antiques often seem difficult if you are new to the business.  Here are a few antique and vintage items you can invest in that are trending upwards. Posters From Films / Film Posters To find film posters at good prices, you will want to avoid posters from popular and blockbuster movies as these will […]

The Development of Clocks Over Time

The Development of Clocks Over Time The history of timekeeping devices is an interesting one that dates back to ancient civilizations, with the first clocks made from stones and bones, which were not very accurate. Movements varied greatly depending on what day it was, or if there happened not to be any sunlight available for […]

Characteristics of Early American Furniture

Characteristics of early American furniture The earliest pieces of American furniture were basic, and there were only a few types and styles, depending on each one’s use or function.  The knuckle-bow table and the blanket chest, for example, were both popular in the colonial era.  Evolving from the British joined stool with a single round […]

How do you shellac old furniture?

How do you shellac old furniture? Shellac, which was used before 1930, is found under varnish or painted surfaces.  You cannot use lacquer because it contains too many organic solvents that are poisonous in their dispersed form after using even small amounts.  So you must either sand off old shellac enough to get down to bare wood. […]