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How old is Edwardian furniture?

When was the Edwardian period? The Edwardian period lasted from 1901 to 1910. Queen Victoria’s son Edward became king in 1901, and his reign ended only nine years later. During King Edwards’s reign, people would start moving away from traditional furniture styles and into more modern styles. Some people looked forward to the return of […]

What Kind of Wood Was Used in Queen Anne Furniture?

What Kind of Wood Was Used in Queen Anne Furniture? Queen Anne, and Chippendale furniture, represent two iconic styles of English and American 18th-century furniture. This article will focus specifically on what kind of wood was used in Queen Anne furniture; to help identify an authentic piece. Popular woods for Queen Anne style include walnut, […]

The Antique Barber Chair

Antique Copp’s Chicago Manufactory, J.C. Allen & Company, The Ohio Chair Manufacturing Company, Red Seal Barbers Supply Company Inc., City Barbers Supply Company, William A. Harned Co., Western Chair Manufacturing Company, Cane Craft Corporation (William Harned), Emporium Machine Shop & Iron Works, Heisey Seat & Brass Foundry, O’Donnell Mfg. Co., George Larkin Company Ltd., Fayette […]

Antique Victorian Balloon Back Chairs

The history of Antique Victorian Balloon Back Chairs During the 18th century, furniture makers in England and France were still influenced by the Rococo style which was ornate with carvings, curves, and intricate details. As time progressed during the late 1700s, a new era known as Neoclassicism began to emerge replacing those old styles.  This new era […]