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French cabinet maker Andre-Charles boulle

French cabinet maker Andre-Charles boulle Andre-Charles boulle, a French cabinet-maker, was the most renowned of Louis XIV’s many artisans. Boulle worked as a designer and director of bronze operations for royal projects at the Gobelins manufactory. He was cabinetmaker to King Louis xiv from 1672 through 1715.  He made an immense fortune thanks to his appointments […]

Who invented the longitude clock

Who invented the longitude clock? The credit for inventing the marine chronometer, an essential piece of equipment that enabled accurate navigation at sea, must go to John Harrison. His marine chronometer, H1, was first tested in 1736, and improved versions went on to help Captain James Cook on his voyages of discovery and were used […]

Seth Thomas Clocks and Talking Dolls

Seth Thomas clocks. The name alone evokes the 19th century. Often associated with fine American manufacturing, these iconic timepieces have been restored and are prized by collectors worldwide. But there’s much more to the story of this Connecticut company than its famous clockworks – including a long-forgotten side business in early phonographs! The Seth Thomas […]

Antique clock movements

Antique clock movements The clock movement is probably the least appreciated and understood piece of machinery that went into a clock.  The design of the movements was for over three hundred years rudimentary, with only the escapement changing from verge to anchor and back again. It wasn’t until the late nineteenth century that there was […]