Reasons You Should Buy Antique Furniture

Not everyone has purchased an antique before, let alone antique furniture. I suppose it makes sense when you can go to your local furniture store and buy some brand new furniture without the wear and tear and the uncertainty.

So yes, buying antique furniture is not for everyone, and the buying process may be slightly different. You’ll need to be a bit savvy to get a good deal, and you will be dealing with dealers, auctions and private collectors to get the piece you want.

But do not let that put you off! There are many reasons you should buy antique furniture instead of modern pieces. Here are a few.

Better Quality Furniture

If quality is what you are looking for, buying antique pieces may be the way to go. Can you imagine a sofa or sideboard from IKEA lasting 50 years? What about 100 years? Which is how long it takes for something to fall into the bracket of an antique.

The quality of antique furniture is unquestionable, and to still be standing after 100 years tells you all you need to know about the materials and the manufacturing processes of the past.

Antiques were made to last and were more often than not made with solid materials that were close to nature. Today we use many composites and compounds to keep the cost of manufacturing at a minimum, which is why today’s products don’t hold up against older products.

There’s no comparison when you think about it. Modern furniture is designed on a computer and then mass produced in a factory somewhere, usually across the globe, where quality control is often lacking.

But what if a piece of furniture is made using forged nails, hand-cut timbers and woven fabric using the skills and techniques passed down from generation to generation? Don’t you think the finished product would have more soul and be of a higher standard?

Unfortunately, many of these furniture-making skills and techniques are being lost over time.

Shopping for Antiques is Rewarding

Unlike mass-produced items, antique pieces are far more rare meaning that really good examples are hard to come by. And when you do find that piece, it can be a fun and highly rewarding experience.

And if you like a challenge, hunting out great pieces of antique furniture can be a treasure hunt in a way and can be a fun way to add character to your home.

Shop right and you will end up with a piece that is unique and not often seen in other homes.

And unlike most of the mass-produced rubbish that comes out of the factories, just like we mentioned before, you will have a piece of furniture that is of the highest quality that may just last another 100 years or so.

Antiques Hold Their Value

While antique furniture can often seem expensive, when you look a little deeper, you soon realise that when all things are considered, you may be saving money, and in many cases, you could even make money!

This is because good examples of antique furniture hold their value, well, as long as the condition remains the same. 

As long as you buy high-quality pieces in good condition and keep them in good condition, you’ll find that the value of your piece will either be the same or may have even appreciated over time.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of variables to consider and nothing is ever guaranteed but with some knowledge and a little, lots of people save and make money buying antiques.

Either way, the only other option you have is to buy modern made furniture which will lose a large percentage of its value as soon as it leaves the store and you take off the tags.

And as soon as that piece arrives in your home, it’s now classed as a second-hand piece of furniture worth about a third of what you paid for it. 

While the person down the road just bought a piece which is 100 years old, retained all its character and craftmanship, looks like it’s built to last another 100 years and will hold its value for the foreseeable future, possibly appreciating over time.

Sometimes perspective is everything!

Antiques Have A History Of Their Own

When you add antique furniture to your home, you’re adding a character from the past and also substance and depth to the room.

Instantly you can add historical texture and character to even the most modern interior spaces. I just think antiques have an aura that can help fill the ambience of a room. Unlike today’s equivalents that lack the love and care put into making older pieces.

Each piece has its own story to tell and a scuff here and there to prove it, worn like a badge of honour.

There are a few reasons why certain antiques make it through time without being destroyed or flung away at the landfill.

The first reason we’ve covered already is the build quality. When something is so well made and can do its job without breaking or needing repair, then there is always a home for such a piece.

Another reason an antique will stick around is that it is too beautiful to be dismissed, thus looked after with great care and attention.

History is often the reason an old piece of furniture makes it to the grand old age of 100 and over, becoming an antique. From a certain place or time of significance, or passed down from family member to family member. There is always a reason why furniture ages gracefully, and each piece, in a way, tells there own story.

Antique Furniture is Sustainable

Did you know there was a study done that concluded antique furniture has a carbon footprint 16 times lower than modern furniture?

The study was conducted by carbon clear and compared an antique chest of drawers to a newly made version. 

Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you will also be playing a part in preserving the environment as antiques are less likely to be thrown away into a landfill, reducing landfill waste. 

And as the piece has already been constructed, there is no need to cut down trees.

According to studies, 82% of people are said to consider sustainability when making a purchase. While 45% of people responding to a survey were unaware that buying new furniture produces a higher carbon footprint than secondhand.

Overall, it isn’t hard to see why buying secondhand furniture is better for the environment. Sure, it won’t be the main reason most people take this route, but it is something to keep in mind as it’s always a good thing to do a bit for the environment.

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